Welcome to Hazel
Meadow Camping

Although I had grown away from it in my life in Surrey, I have links to agriculture in my family so when I moved to Huntshaw in 2017 with the eventual aim of running a small campsite, it was only natural that a smallholding began to emerge on the land. The fledgling business was named Hazel Meadow after my grandad’s farm, with Hazel Meadow Hens being the first project, rescued hens laying fresh eggs all year round which are sold at our gate. Orphaned lambs and rare breed weaners followed and their meat added to the offerings. Knockworthy House needed far more work doing to it than we originally anticipated so that took precedence but with the end in sight for the renovations, thoughts turned back to the campsite and The Greener Camping Club was contacted for help and advice. 2022 saw the Hazel Meadow Camping dream finally start to come alive. Hot on the heels of the campsite was Hazel Meadow Cottage for those who prefer a roof over their heads. I can’t wait to share this amazing spot with you!